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What's troubling about this is that, without being aware of it, I've helped to perpetuate the same exclusivity that Brennan says "makes some gay men feel left out or without value. But Gay Muscular you think about some of the language that characterizes the Grindr experience—"No Asians or Fems!

Contact About Gay Muscular Legal. We should try to treat each other with a bit more sympathy, because a majority Gay Muscular us dislike the way we look and we might be waiting a long time for a structural solution to that problem. The tendency to conflate muscularity and masculinity is widespread throughout gay culture, according to Dr.

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That isn't to say Bianchi is wrong, it's just to admit that not all historians agree with the assertion that history shows a ubiquitous privileging of muscularity. Murray Drummond. Brennan also says some gay men who don't measure up might even develop "an increased use or dependency" on drugs and alcohol.

But while a conclusive decision has yet to be reached, contemporary gay trends certainly lend credence to Brennan's theory. Bianchi's art tends toward a Platonic ideal of male beauty.

Gay Muscular
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