When your dating its not difficult to NOT compare yourself

It's hard not to get jealous when everywhere you scroll on social media someone's either posting pics of themselves on exotic beaches with their partners, or they're tweeting about the awesome cities they get to visit for work, or they're keeping things super low-key right now — but they still seem happier than you.

Whether it's our waist size, our home, our job, our level of core strength, it's a corrosive yet powerful drive for us to want to measure ourselves sometimes literally! At the time, I think I was afraid that allowing myself to be happy with my life exactly as it was would have caused me to lose my edge and fall into a career-killing, dream-crushing complacency.

Those examples may be more real, but again they are not perfect. Fortunately, it does not need to be. I know, it's literally the most difficult thing to imagine — loving yourself?!

Блог! отличные When your dating its not difficult to NOT compare yourself

  • Submitted by jorje on August 8, - pm. My advice is to just wait.
  • We have all been thrown together at this exact moment on this exact planet. You have everything you need to accomplish good in your little section of the world.
  • You have nothing to gain, but much to lose. Appreciate more.
  • I have grown up with them all my life now they are all married living in their own houses with their families.

No one appreciates that. As a result, comparing your relationship to ones you see plastered all over Instagram can shift your perspective on relationships. With social media at our fingertips, it's hard not to get caught up in other friends' or even strangers' perceived lives via their Instagram posts.

When your dating its not difficult to NOT compare yourself
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