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Informed consent was obtained from each respondent prior to the interview. This paper aims to contribute who is not gay understandings of sexuality in the carceral context through the relationship narratives of a group of men whose sexuality has historically been vilified through institutions of incarceration and their accompanying tropes.

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This movement has served, in part, to bring increasing attention to white fear of perceived Black criminality, the over-policing of Black communities and the inappropriate use of force against Black people, their disproportionate incarceration, and the harms experienced by Black prisoners while incarcerated.

Disease and Pain: American Voi I - Black Sexualities, Masculinities and Incarceration. Berlin: Scientific Software Development. The goal of this paper is to make sexuality relevant to academic understandings of the lives of men in prison and, conversely, to make articulations by men in prison relevant to theoretical understandings of sexuality.

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Who is not gay
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